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Web usability for those who create and share OER

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Last week I attended a session on web usability, graciously offered by JISC to equip us for our digitisation and open educational resource (OER) projects. The session was taken by Stuart Church of …
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What does FINNA mean? – FINNA Definition – Meaning of FINNA – InternetSlang.com

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This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of FINNA is. The slang word / acronym / abbreviation FINNA means… . Internet Slang.
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Kathy Schrock: Infographics Workshop

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Super Minds – English Language Teaching – Cambridge University Press

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Bell curve is all wrong; ramifications for education, workplace: new …

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But it now turns out — revealed in an expansive, first-of-its-kind study — that individual performance unfolds not on a bell curve, but on a “power-law” distribution, with a few elite performers driving most output and an equally …
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Learning Analytics: Fog and Connectivism

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LAK12- MOOC course- 4 week check-in · FYI-Multiples of bytes– BIG DATA is BIG!!! Learning Analytics–New Discipline and Semantics -… Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform · Tools for Data Visualization and Analysis …
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Introduction to Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use Online

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Available now! http://englishgrammarinuse.cambridge.org English Grammar in Use Online is an easy to use resource with clear explanations of grammar points an…
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