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Robin Good: HelloSlide is a web-based service which allows anyone to upload a PDF (max 100MB) and add a voice-over track to it by simply adding a text copy of what needs to be said on each slide.   HelloSlide does the rest by generating a good quality voice over by utilizing synthsized digital voices that automatically read your script slide after slide.   Not only. By leveraging this type of approach HelloSlide can make your presentation available in over 20 languages instantly and by providing a full text transcript with the presentation there may be also some SEO benefits, as search engines can tell now precisely what you are talking about in those slides.   The free plan allows about to 50 presentations. The Pro account which costs $9/mo allows up to 200 presentations, an export-to-video function as well as the ability to auto-translate to other languages. The Premium at $39 extends the numbers of presentations, auto-translations and throws in 10 human-voiced translations per month. 
See examples: http://www.helloslide.com/    My test: http://www.helloslide.com/presentations/520/la-formula-di-sharewood-alt-20111220pdf    Plans and pricing: http://www.helloslide.com/pricing   FAQ: http://www.helloslide.com/faq 

Try it now: http://www.helloslide.com/ 
Via www.helloslide.com


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