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               I am a college certified lecturer and have passed the national eligibility test to teach at colleges and secondary level.I have worked as a teacher educator /trainer at teacher training college,giving lectures in educational psychology and I can indeed help you to start learning difficult subjects through simplified ways.

        I am an English Language enthusiast with a difference .I like to take you in depth to the idiosyncrasies that I follow in teaching this international language that has a plethora of regional varieties ! The General Indian English (GIE ) can be sieved out from the different varieties of regional English versions that people speak by removing the regional elements from them .The GIE is my focus area although I’m interested in British (RP) and American English .I try to focus on the informal ,casual and regional usages and the structure (Grammar ).So my classes are mostly focused on Idioms , Slang  and other Phrasal verbs

                     I teach graduate students life sciences,basics of Educational philosophy and ofcourse English too in a more interactive,learner centered way assuring you to overcome and tackle with problems of your varied learning styles .I can give you proper guidance to help you reach out the aspirations regarding your academic outcomes as well .I have taken degree with English as a second language (ESL), Study english learning skills with me.I’m glad enough to help students ,teachers and others to get on their way with their own inbuilt capabilities based on their learning styles and to see them set off free to their own desired horizons.
                       At present my I’m giving classes on Edupunk Channel’s organizational account .You can get my recorded classes on Edupunk Channel by copy pasting THIS link to your browser . 


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